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Smart Tek SaS is a New Jersey-based software development company that specializes in Cybersecurity, Augmented Reality, AI, ERP, CRM, and more. Smart Tek SaS is focused on the future. They understand change and anticipate its consequences. This orientation makes them valuable partners in the Cybersecurity field.

50% of their portfolio is comprised of small businesses. But with clients like Jaguar, Audi, Nike, and Deloitte, Smart Tek SaS has the expertise to serve enterprises too.

Smart Tek SaS knows different industries have different security needs. Whether it's protecting individual patient data for healthcare providers or securing consumer information on commerce platforms, the do it all.

And when it comes to security, Smart Tek SaS knows its neighborhood. With offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, they stand strong on the front lines defending against hackers.Their commitment to protecting governments and manufacturing infrastructure is second to none.

Smart Tek SaS has the right team of experts to maintain operational integrity. Their vCISO services are robust and diligent in their monitoring of your network. 

They believe security is a matter for everyone. That is why they lay out a map of comprehensive steps to follow to assure the highest levels of security. Committed to protecting both their clients and the customers who use their clients' services, Smart Tek SaS understands security is a multifront effort.

A culture of learning pervades Smart Tek SaS, and their technicians and specialists are pushed to continue educating themselves on the latest industry trends and changes.

Online reviewers love their no-nonsense, hardworking team. Smart Tek SaS stands out in its ability to understand problems and propose solutions.

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