About Network Assured

My name’s Andrew, and I started Network Assured because I noticed a breakdown in communication between the businesses that need cybersecurity services, and the vendors that provide those services.

  • The pricing models are opaque.
  • The marketing-speak is confusing.
  • One vendor’s “penetration test” is another firm’s “vulnerability scan”.

And all this, in an industry that’s already moving at a dizzying speed.

The result is that some firms pay too much for the services they need. Others lose months as projects extend beyond deadlines. Worst of all, the real risk of a security breach keeps increasing.

Network Assured exists so that businesses and cybersecurity vendors might understand each other better.

We offer free, up-to-date pricing guidance on services like penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, compliance and Virtual CISO. We provide deep explanations and comparisons between cybersecurity services so firms can better understand their real needs.

And we maintain a directory of cybersecurity vendors, so firms can shop and compare, more easily finding the vendors that can meet their requirements and budget.

If you’re a business, we can reduce your due diligence, help you cut costs, and still improve your security posture.

If you’re a security vendor, we can help you connect with the businesses to whom you can be most valuable.

If you think we could help your firm, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Andrew Hansen


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