Nathaniel Cole

Nathaniel Cole is a CISO and Security leader with experience as a business and technical leader across multiple industries. After 15 years in security, he has a track record of building, deploying and managing modern security programs that not only transform technical security but also organizational security culture. In The Press Recent citations of Nathaniel's work include: - Techzone 360: The Double-Edged Sword of ChatGPT: Data Leaks and other Security Disruptions - Best Life Online: 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Prevent Identity Theft Online - The SSL Store: A CEO’s Guide to Not Becoming the Next Data Breach Headline - SpringBoard: What is a SOC Analyst? - Any.Run: How we discovered and prevented an img based malware attack

penetration testing as a service

In the last 12 months, Penetration Testing as a Service has exploded in popularity. Is that because it’s a better business model for penetration testing vendors? Or because there’s more security and business value in the practice for companies? That’s what I set out to explore in this article. Below, I’ve outlined what exactly PTaaS […]

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Penetration testing for SaaS companies

There’s no debate on this one: Penetration testing is crucial for SaaS companies. It’s only in the details that arguments arise: How often should you test your app? What should be in scope? Which vendor should you use? How much should you spend? It is those questions that we will seek to answer in this

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Managed security service providers cost

As with most services in cybersecurity, costs can be difficult to predict. For firms looking to engage security services, this fact is a burden on the due diligence process. Vendors rarely publicize their costs, and clients rarely publicize their spending. Rarely is this more true than for Managed Security Service Providers. For one, the term

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cybersecurity insurance statistics

How common is cybersecurity insurance in the US compared to globally? How much does it cost? How much does it actually help companies in the event of a breach? These are some of the questions we set out to answer when we took a deep dive into the state of the cybersecurity insurance market in

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pci compliance logging

The payment Card Industry (PCI) is a set of requirements that organizations are required to be audited against to accept, process, or store any payment card information. This standard is designed to help the brand label cards (AMEX, Discovery, Visa, etc.) reduce fraud risk through the loss or compromise of credit cards. As part of

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red teaming penetration testing

Red teaming is an advanced form of penetration testing, which is not for every organization. While it may identify vulnerabilities that exist within your environment, that is not the primary goal. Other forms of penetration testing (e.g. application, IoT, or network to name a few) focus on identifying vulnerabilities and providing a story of how

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Nearly every security framework and regulation requires risk management to be integrated into an organization’s operations. The premise is that to understand the priorities, the organization must first understand the threats and what risk or impact those threats pose. It may seem obvious, but many organizations and security practitioners lose sight of this key fundamental

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Cyber security risk assessment

A cyber security risk assessment, not to be confused with a vulnerability assessment, is the process of evaluating and codifying the risk to your organization through a process of evaluating assets, controls, threats, and attack techniques. Many components of the risk assessment will be subjective, in that decisions will be based on opinion or experience,

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