hipaa penetration testing

Many healthcare providers, covered entities, and business associates are unclear about whether they need penetration testing for HIPAA compliance. As a healthcare industry CISO, this has never surprised me: The documentation on this point is at times unclear, and even compliance consultants have been known to advise on it inaccurately. In this article, I’ll attempt […]

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The worst healthcare data breaches of all time.

There have been a slew of healthcare organizations that have experienced data breaches over the past decade. Some of those are mundane: misprinted and mismailed information or a phone call to the incorrect recipient. However, as healthcare organizations become increasingly sophisticated and use more technology more often to support operations, errors or attacks against that

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HIPAA Risk Assessment

A HIPAA Risk Assessment, or a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment more precisely, is a mandatory requirement for Covered Entities and Business Associates in their HIPAA Security Rule compliance journey. HIPAA Security Risk Assessments can be straightforward, but it’s critical to understand what to review, how, and against what frameworks. Let’s dive into what a HIPAA

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ePHI for healthcare

When the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 was first drafted, the internet and electronic data were seen by many as a passing fad. In the 27 years since then, not only has the internet become a major force in most peoples’ lives, electronic Protected Health Information, or ePHI, is the primary modality

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Navigating HIPAA compliance and HITRUST certification can be difficult. Numerous solutions purport to provide one certification or the other, but what does that mean for you and your business? In this article, we’ll cover what HIPAA and HITRUST are, what HITRUST certification and HIPAA compliance mean under each standard, and how each benefits the healthcare

HIPAA vs HITRUST in 5 Key Differences: Cost, Benefit, & Process Read More »

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