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soc 2 certification costs

SOC 2 certifications are a must for many businesses in 2023 and a nice-to-have for many others. It’s become a defacto measure of economic and cybersecurity health because of the quality and extent of the review, and the easy snapshot it provides into organizational, financial, and cybersecurity health. Unfortunately, working out your organization’s potential SOC […]

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Managed security service providers cost

As with most services in cybersecurity, costs can be difficult to predict. For firms looking to engage security services, this fact is a burden on the due diligence process. Vendors rarely publicize their costs, and clients rarely publicize their spending. Rarely is this more true than for Managed Security Service Providers. For one, the term

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How much ISO 27001 costs

ISO 27001 certification is an internationally recognized framework that addresses your organization’s ISMS (Information Security Management System) and how seriously your organization takes the security of its data. In deciding to pursue an ISO 27001 certification for your business, one of the first questions that will come up is: How much will this cost? The

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Nearly every security framework and regulation requires risk management to be integrated into an organization’s operations. The premise is that to understand the priorities, the organization must first understand the threats and what risk or impact those threats pose. It may seem obvious, but many organizations and security practitioners lose sight of this key fundamental

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Red team penetration testing costs

Red Team penetration testing engagements are usually longer in duration than a standard penetration test, and considerably more expensive. For Red Team security engagements, organizations should expect the pricing to start from $10,000. A low level, standard penetration test might cost a minimum of $5,000. But red team pen tests leverage multiple testers into a

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There’s a reason it’s so hard to benchmark penetration testing costs: Every test with every firm is unique. Which is insane, because they’re all doing the same thing. They’re all finding holes in your infrastructure, exploiting them, and writing about it in a report. But just like so many things in cybersecurity, the devil is

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The costs of pen testing cloud environments vary enormously, and AWS is no exception. Every project is different, and small changes in scope can lead to huge differences in cost. If you’re trying to understand how much AWS penetration testing should cost your firm in 2022, this article should help. After detailed comparisons of the

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Mobile application penetration testing is one of the more complicated and skill-intensive penetration testing services offered by companies at this time. Unlike other, more traditional services, mobile application penetration testing is nearly a cat and mouse game for penetration testers. Once knowledge is built for an OS version, a new version is released that requires

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How much does a vulnerability assessment cost?

Especially if you’re contracting one for your organization for the first time, a vulnerability assessment can be difficult to price. The scope of what you actually get when you pay for a vulnerability assessment can vary significantly from one vendor to the next. Add varying fee structures, tools used, reporting styles, and vendor reputations to

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