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When it comes to Cybersecurity, we typically think of systems and network defenses. Firewalls. Adblockers. SOCs. These are the tradecraft of most Cybersecurity companies.  

ReputationDefender protects your digital assets differently. ReputationDefender is a public relations firm that specializes in improving their clients' publically available online information and enhancing privacy.

Digital privacy is extremely important to ReputationDefender. Cybercriminals performing OSINT can glean an extraordinary amount of personal information from you online. Your identity, location, favorite TV shows, and legal records can all be exploited online.

They actively scour the web to gain an understanding of the prevailing information of their clients on search engines like Google and on social media. From there, ReputationDefender builds a strategy to effectively and discreetly improve what the public sees.

Whether it's reordering search results to reflect positive items and push down negativity, image and video remediation to give control over what people see, or strategic publication to recalibrate your organization's brand, ReputationDefender has your back.

A leader in online reputation management since 2006, ReputationDefender is the largest RM firm in the Bay Area.

They offer a free tool on their website to assess your own online exposure, as well as useful literature to educate users on the vulnerability of their public information. 

ReputationDefender helps individuals, job seekers, small businesses, executives, and large companies gain control over their open-source information. 

With services available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Arabic, ReputationDefender has a breadth of expertise it can deploy globally.

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