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Interasec was founded in 2019 with one goal in mind: to provide its customers with holistic security services. Based out of Lviv, Ukraine, their mission is to allow their clients to focus on growing their business without worrying about the state of their security.

Attacker-minded and resilience-oriented, Interasec prides itself on its professionalism and efficiency. With over 50 completed projects in FinTech, automotive, and software engineering fields, they're quickly growing into a prominent player in the Cybersecurity realm.

They offer four basic services: Application Penetration Testing, Threat Modelling for Agile Teams, Cloud and Container Checks, and Security Compliance.

They're able to conduct their penetration tests across a wide array of platforms, including APIs, IoT, Cloud, Infrastructure, Mobile, and Web. Their team of hackers is highly skilled and certified in CEH and OSCP.

Threat Modelling for Agile Teams is their software development product. By implementing a shift-left methodology, they introduce security in the earliest stages of the development process, as recommended by OWASP, SAMM, and Microsoft SDL. Interasec will work with your DevOps team from the beginning to design the security requirements for the project.

With more and more organizations migrating to Cloud servers, breaches are occurring as a result of customer misconfiguration. Whether you use AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, Interasec will help you shore up a wide variety of exploitable aspects like WebServices metadata, data-in-transit encryption, and storage visibility. 

And if you need to meet compliance standards, they can help you attain ISO 2700x, SOC2, vCISO, GDPR, and TISAX certification, among others. 

Highly reviewed online, Interasec is already earning widespread praise. Customers appreciate their high levels of expertise and technical recommendations. Credited with constructive communication, Interasec works hard to meet the demands of each project. 

For software developers and businesses in Ukraine and central Europe, Interasec can help you secure your projects and network. 

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  • Application Pentesting
  • Cloud and Containers Security Checks
  • Threat Modeling for Agile Teams
  • Security Compliance


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