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"Comprehensive" doesn't cover H-X Technologies' Cybersecurity expertise. With decades of experience, this Kyiv-based Cybersecurity provider uses the latest technologies to protect their clients from the latest threats.

Guided by an ethical approach the H-X Technologies team is CISSP, OSCP, CISA, ISO 27001, CEH, CLPTP, and ISA/CFS certified. They embrace these exacting standards and strive to operate with the highest levels of integrity.

Highly customizable and flexible services delivered by vigorously vetted experts adhering to their in-house Code of Ethics ensure customers enjoy top-quality solutions to their Cybersecurity needs.

Among the security products, H-X offers are Website Security Scans, ISO 27001 Audits, VDA ISA & ENX TISAX Audits, SCADA/ICS Calculator, SIEM/SOC Implementation, and SOC as a service. 

Keeping up with the latest technologies, they're blockchain specialists, helping protect cryptocurrency assets and develop smart contracts. They understand the evolving nature of threats to blockchain assets and implement ICO or DeFi solutions to bolster defenses.

Their Red Team capabilities are highly renowned. By thoroughly examining your network's vulnerabilities, they're able to assess needed improvements and how to best configure them.

Understanding that every node on the network is a threat vector, H-X Technologies hardens your systems by discovering and removing unnecessary and dangerous features that can be exploited by bad actors. They also enhance the security of your telecommunications with VoIP auditing.

The list of H-X's competencies and product offerings is too extensive to be covered here. That's a testament to the dedicated effort they've put into becoming one of the world's premier Cybersecurity firms. With services offered in English, Russian, Ukrainian, and German, businesses from across the globe can find solutions with H-X.

If you're looking for a Cybersecurity firm with a thorough, ethical approach to business, H-X Technologies may be the partner for you. 

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