Jeff Green - CISA, CRISC

Jeff Green is a Technology Governance, Risk, Compliance and Audit Consulting professional with 15 years of experience coordinating and implementing effective compliance programs.

pci compliance for call centers

Payment card information (PCI) processed by a business’ call center must address several key areas to meet PCI compliance: identifying PCI in the call center environments, implementing PCI DSS compliance requirements, and outsourcing versus not outsourcing. If a business chooses to retain its call center function, all applicable requirements of the current PCI DSS at […]

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PCI level 1 compliance

The number and type of credit card transactions a business processes per year is what determines a company’s required PCI compliance level. There are four levels of PCI compliance for merchants and two for service providers. This article is a deep dive into PCI Level 1 compliance. It’s an attempt to clarify what the council

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