Samuel Siskind

Samuel Siskind studied Global Security at the American Military University in West Virginia. After completing his studies, he was drafted to the Israeli Defense Forces and served as a squad commander in the Corp of Combat Engineers. Since 2016, Samuel has worked as a private consultant on geopolitics and security in the MENA region, focusing on corporate security issues and the nexus of illicit finance and terror. He also co-manages the Jerusalem-based due diligence firm Triple I. Samuel has written or co-authored dozens of research papers on militancy and counterterrorism, including several academic papers in the field. He continues to write on these subjects for several private and open publications.

Pen Test Interview Questions

With increased awareness around cybersecurity, the demand for pen test services has grown rapidly. With it has come an explosion of new pen test service providers, each with its own methods, service packages, credentials, and prices. Variations between vendors can make comparison difficult. The due diligence required before contracting a test can seem more arduous […]

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Penetration Testing Reports

The penetration test is by far the most effective method to ensure network security. By simulating the real-world actions of cybercriminals, managers can achieve the most concrete understanding possible of their system’s vulnerabilities. Even more importantly, a well-executed penetration test can give you essential insight on how to bolster your cyber and information security. The

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Protecting a digital network is a persistent challenge for any modern business. All responsible managers today understand the vital importance of maintaining constant active measures to ensure the integrity of the company’s system.  There are, broadly speaking, two methods out there to assess a system’s strength in holding up against attack and malicious programs: The Penetration

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mobile app penetration testing

Mobile application penetration testing is a security testing method used by IT security professionals to evaluate security from inside of a mobile environment. By conducting a mobile pen test, app developers can identify vulnerabilities in a mobile application, bottlenecks, loopholes, and vectors of an attack before delivering the app to users.  A good mobile app

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In today’s IT-driven world, customers are increasingly demanding quality credentials from their service digital providers. More and more firms are realizing the substantial benefits of achieving standard compliance: better business processes, cutting legal risk, and retaining and attracting clients are just a few.  In the technology space, there are few organizations more recognized than the

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For modern-day companies, information security forms its very own area of operations.  The massive emphasis on data in today’s business environment and the slew of regulations on handling personal information make infosec a vital component of any enterprise.   And just like your marketing and sales departments need competent experts to run and manage them, so

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Governance, risk, and compliance, or GRC, is how a company forms a strategy for managing the systems and processes it needs to operate. This includes managing the risks posed by the use of those systems, as well as complying with the relevant laws regulating their application for business. From an IT perspective, GRC is essentially

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Penetration testing a network

One of the fundamentals of IT security is taking active measures to confirm the integrity of your network. The penetration test is, by far, the most powerful tool to accomplish this.   Penetration tests are essentially simulations designed to go above and beyond a standard vulnerability assessment. Penetration testers play out the same scenarios a hacker would

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